Our key priority is to build confidence among us, our clients and subcontractors. Providing our services, we make efforts to respect even the strictest international requirements.


In the area of occupational safety and health protection we pay attention mainly to prevention and predictability of hazardous situations. Creation of safe working environment for all activities associated with the company performance is our goal aimed at preventing from health harm and property damage.

We think ecologically

Measures aimed at saving the natural resources and protecting the environment represent an integral part of our corporate culture. Ecological aspects are naturally included in these efforts, for example energy and material effectiveness, reduction of emission, protection of biodiversity, reduction of waste creation, waste separation, and utilization of modern technologies respecting strict environmental standards.

Community support

In social area, support of regional economy and life standard represents one of our priorities in the form of cooperation with regional subcontractors. Moreover, our company offers cooperation opportunities also to leavers of apprentice schools who can gain experience and knowledge required for their success on the labor market. .